degli Studi
di Torino

Accesso in rete al Corpus Taurinense (italiano del XIII secolo)

1. Query Language of the Corpus Query Processor


2. Attributes of the corpus

Positional attribute: word, lemma, pos, kat, typ, corr, genre, msform, philform
Structural attributes: author, title, chapter, s, line, page, par, type

More information on the Positional and Structural Attributes on the CT Specifications Guide page in HTML (or in PDF)

3. Queries to the corpus

Here you find a short introduction on how to work with the demo.

4. Access to the corpus

Simple Search
Linguistic Search

Please note that only in the Simple Search mode the number of all the matches will be displayed.
In the Linguistic Search mode only, the number up to the maximum number of matches can be shown (due to storage restrictions).

For a list of all the lemmata, please click here.