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Corpus Taurinense: Sample Queries

Ulrich Heid

Draft input to the Web Presentation of CT
Version of 18/9/2000, printed on 26. Oktober 2000

Sample queries

The following sample queries give an overview of the types of information you can find in the Corpus Taurinense and the kinds of queries you can ask via the GUI.

Word forms, lemmas, word sequences

Attributes of word forms

Text type information



We distinguish the form of a word which was found in the manuscript (msform), a standard form, and the philologically edited version, corrected and/or amended, of the manuscript form, philform.

Interesting cases are those (few) ones where the manuscript has a non-standard writing, i.e. whre msform and philform differ. These cases are queried by means of an expression saying (roughly): ``for any form in the text ([]), check whether its (call it a) msform- differs from its philform-attribute''. To express such a constraint, the item checked is made reference to by means of a variable name (here a):

Query: a:[] :: a.msform != a.philform

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Corpus Taurinense: Sample Queries

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